Four steps to create a great farm map

four steps to making a farm, land or ranch map

Enter Your Farm Address

The first step is to enter the name and address of your farm. The address will be used both as a title to the map we are going to make and as an aid to locate a satellite image of the land the farm stands on. Click on the tick button to save your work.


Locate Your Land

The next step is to locate our land on the satellite map. It is important to understand that this is not the map itself but rather an outline we will be using for drawing our map. Once you have located and centered your land on the satellite image click on the tick button.


Feature Mapping

Drawing features can require a bit of practice. Select the feature you want to draw from the panel then left click around the corresponding feature on the satellite image. Practice with a number of different features until you get the hang of it.


Print your Map

Once you have added all the features you need on your map click on the print button at the foot of the page. Maps typically cover three pages and gives area and length details as well as the map.